Mindfulness Meditations CD coverWhat is mindfulness? (track 1 sample), Dr. Pamela Cappetta

Loving Kindness (track 3 sample), Dr. Pamela Cappetta

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This CD is for people with busy minds. Track 1 introduces the concept of mindfulness. Track 2 helps to slow down the mind and refocus…this is not about emptying the mind, but watching the mind and the body in a non-judging manner. Track 3 on loving kindness teaches how to focus on loving thoughts toward ourselves and others in our communities. Track 4 is especially important for folks who have physical and emotional pain. It helps to identify emotions, sensations in the body, and thoughts in the mind…to identify what is from a place of gentle compassion.


As a beginning meditator 15 years ago, I just couldn’t sit still or find just the right way to meditate.  The silence on the meditation CDs made me anxious, so I began to use the mindfulness focus to just allow the mind and the body to follow its own rhythm.  As a perfectionist I felt that I would never learn how to meditate properly.  The mindfulness practice allows for acceptance and kindness toward self and I loved that notion!  I have been meditating for many years and find that when my meditation practice takes a vacation so too does my mind.  I have to reintroduce the idea of the busy mind to myself and give myself great compassion for the chaotic jumble of thoughts that have reemerged.  This cd teaches about mindfulness and will help you be aware of your thoughts “without judgment” and will bring a sense of peace that you cannot do mindfulness wrong.  The long term benefits of practicing mindfulness are to be able to “respond vs. react” to your life.  I have been anxious and busy most of my life.  Using mindfulness has helped me cope with stresses and helped me be aware of the ways that we are hard-wired for negativity.  The judge and the critic inside all of us needs to be “named and noted.”  I love this practice and encourage you to use this cd daily for at least 30 days to get the best overall results.  Learning to take time for yourself and learning to acknowledge your life as it is in this moment is a great way to appreciate the joys and pains of life itself.