Who Goes to Therapy?

  • Anyone with an issue that creates a barrier to success
  • Anyone with something that is difficult to discuss
  • Anyone who would like to have strategies to manage a situation differently

Do I need individual or group therapy?

There are advantages to both. We'll develop a plan that's best for you. Advantages of individual sessions include privacy, more time for us to work on your unique issues, and choosing a time that works best for your schedule without needing to coordinate with other people. On the other hand, meeting other people with problems can give a wider perspective of your own problems and help you understand different ways to handle a problem. Emotional support and encouragement from a therapy group is very healing. Group therapy has special value for people with communication issues or social phobia.

What if my spouse/partner won’t come to couples’ counseling?

Come anyway! You can learn a lot about yourself and contribute to the healing of your relationship. "What can I do to change?" is the way to look at it.

Why do I need therapy if my doctor gives me medication?

Research shows that it’s the combination of psyco-therapy and medication that leads to healing, so you will benefit from both approaches.

How much does all of this cost?

It's best to call my office so we can get more information about your situation. Some people use their health insurance benefits and others choose to self pay. The fees range from $55.00 to $150.00, depending on the services provided.

Is this therapy compatible with my Christian beliefs?

Absolutely. As you can see from my bio, my life and career has been dedicated to exploring the invisible links that tie the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental health of an individual to the healing process. Your spiritual journey is part of your healing process and we'll explore that together. For the record, I'm a Christian and I recognize that not everyone has shared my path to knowing God. I help people of all faiths (or no faith). As a therapist, I'm also an educator and strong clinician. Terms such as "holistic" and "meditation" may be unfamiliar to some, and it's helpful to remember that although God is the ultimate healer, God also gives us many tools for healing, such as doctors, therapists, hospitals, and medicine. Holistic medicine attempts to address all factors in our lives that influence our wellbeing, whether they be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. Meditation is not only a way to silence the busy-ness of our minds—it's also a way to listen to God as we understand God.