Speaking Engagements

Stress Management Coach Dr. Pamela CappettaDr. Pamm is a popular Mindfulness Practice instructor from either a didactic or experiential perspective. She can talk to your group about the methods and benefits of Mindfulness Practice, or demonstrate the methods for your group to experience the benefits firsthand. She can develop a program specific to your group’s needs, level of interest and budget. Popular topics incude:
  • Mindfulness as Self-Care
  • Mindfulness and Pain Recovery
  • Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery (including Pain Recovery)
  • Mindfulness for Teachers

The talks range in length from 1 to 3 hours.

Contact Dr. Pamm today to discuss fees and schedules. She looks forward to working with your group!


Applause for Dr. Pamm

Lakeview Health is a nationally recognized addiction treatment facility in
Jacksonville, Florida. We work to address dual diagnosis and addiction
disorders for individuals 18 and over. Lakeview Health has been conducting a rebranding
campaign for over a year and was fortunate to introduce Dr. Pam Cappetta to the South Carolina addiction treatment market as a sponsor for Lakeview Health. Her presentation on Mindfulness and Chronic Pain was incredibly well received. It
allowed Lakeview to showcase its commitment to working with subject matter
experts in the field of addiction treatment. We intend to collaborate with Dr.
Cappetta on future networking and conferences to showcase the need for best
practices in addressing chronic pain without the need for narcotics and other
substances that could compromise one’s recovery.

Gina de Peralta Thorne, MS, Vice President of Marketing
Lakeview Health, LLC