I’ve been leading psychotherapy groups since 1986. It’s one of the special joys of my practice to witness the healing that happens in them. It’s my passion to create group sessions of many types where people can find freedom to heal from past traumas and move toward living mindfully in the present moment.

We have two exciting opportunities for you to start your healing journey in a supportive group environment:

  • Mindfulness Groups: these groups are time limited, running 6 – 8 weeks, and are open to both men and women. I’ll teach you the basics of mindfulness meditation using both educational information and experiential learning methods. Each participant will be asked to make a committment to themselves during the week between sessions to practice the mindfulness techniques, which are both formal and informal.
  • Monday Night Women’s Psychotherapy Group: these women have completed a Mindfulness Group session. The minimum commitment for membership in this group is three months. This group is for women who struggle with sharing themselves genuinely with others. You’ll learn how to share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas with others in a safe and confidential place. You will also learn how to confront challenging situations while developing bonds with other group members.